About My Fake Season

What's This All About?

With an exciting Bulls season coming to a disappointing end and a potential lockout looming, one die-hard fan decided to continue the story where the real-life Bulls left off.

My Fake Season will chronicle the Bulls 2005-06 season simulated with NBA Live 2005. From training camp to the playoffs, we'll cram a whole season's worth of games into a few short months. No need to suffer from hoops withdrawl - My Fake Season will keep you busy until the real 2005-06 season tips off.

How's This Work?

The entire 2004-05 season was simulated in the Dynasty mode of EA Sports' NBA Live 2005. Fake GM Mike Aparicio, took control of the Chicago Bulls during the offseason, making roster moves within the limitations of the game's salary cap. The 2005-06 season will be played in it's entirety with the results of each game posted to the site.

My Fake Season features a PHP script which imports boxscore text files generated by NBA Live into a MySQL database. Additional scripts sort and display those stats into the various pages found on the site. Another custom-built script handles the blogging portion of the site.

My Fake Season uses a variation of the NBA Live Series Center roster patch.

Who's Behind This?

My Fake Season was designed and developed by Mike Aparicio. Mike has been designing web sites since 1995, when his Mikey's Chicago Bulls Page was one of the most visted basketball sites on the young internet.

Mike went on to participate in and develop several innovative NBA Live online leagues before calling it quits in 2002. The combination of writing, basketball and web development was too compelling to resist, and thus My Fake Season was born.

What's Up With The Rookies?

Because of time constraints, NBA Live's generated rookies were used instead of players drafted in the 2005 NBA Draft. The generated rookies have some kooky names are far from perfect. You'll find a lot of 6'4", 185 pound small forwards and apparently New Zealand is a hotbed of untapped basketball potential.

Want to Know More?

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